4 comments on “What Now? A Response to the SCOTUS Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

  1. I read the Washington Post article by Russell and, like you, incorporate it into my reference catalog of sober and loving response. I will add this article, also, with prayer for its voice to sweep the church. Particular cogent is your statement regarding the gain to won by a reduction in the divorce rate in the Church. Thank you, Pastor David, for good footing for all of us who name Jesus as Lord.

    • William, thank you for your kind words. My appreciation for Russell Moore is growing deeper and deeper. He has really been threading the needle. Agreed, his latest op-ed in the Washington Post was especially helpful, sober and loving!

  2. Does the D. Min stand behind your name stand for democrat minister, or democrat minnesota?

    • Ha! I’ve never heard or even thought of that one. No, it means Doctor of Ministry. Although democrat minister/democrat minnesota sounds pretty good too. Thanks for visiting my blog! Grace, DL.

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