4 comments on “4 Lessons ‘The Quiet Man’ Film teaches us about The Christian Church

  1. The story of the coming together of the congregations has in fact a little more meat to the bone than that of what was depicted in the film. This little excerpt from the film is based on an actual event that took place in the village of Pettigo….. Fr, Neal Ryan was appointed Parish Priest of Pettigo in March 1827 and continued so to his death. Fr. Ryan served for 50 years in the Pettigo and he is most famous for lending his congregation to his Church of Ireland friend the Rev. James Benson Tuttle (1788-1877) when he was in difficulties. Numerous complaints were being made to his bishop who decided to come and see for himself.

    On the appointed Sunday Fr. Ryan told his congregation in St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Mulleek, to go to the Church of Ireland service in nearby Aughterdrum Church later in the day and so they did and greatly impressed the bishop. Later the story was incorporated in the novel “Green Rushes” by Maurice Walsh and later into the film, “The Quiet Man” starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.

  2. I have actually quoted this in my sermon today, because it is a peculiar moment in ecclesial cinematography. But is it not, true, Dave, that the Anglican Reverend is named, “Playfair”, not “Playfield”?

    • Nice catch! Yes, you are correct. Not sure if I blazed through and didn’t notice or that it was an automatic spell correct? But you are right, Playfair not Playfield. Cheers!

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